When Life Gives You Lemons: Put Them in a Bowl & You’ve Got a Centerpiece

June 1, 2016


Riddle me this: do you have fresh flowers every single day in your home on your dining table? If the answer is yes, then you either have too much time on your hands, or you’re perfect. Breaking news, neither apply to me! As much as I love to have fresh flowers in the house and have the dinning room Instagram ready, there are some days I cant just get it together.

My world is all about crafting the life I want, that’s the manta I live by. When it was time to think how I wanted my dining room to feel, I reached in my dreamy brain files where rustic moments with visions of elevated natural elements gave me tingles inside.


Luxe materials are forever calling my name, which made choosing a dining table, easy as pie. Marble, the chicest neutral that makes anything pop.


Having a beautiful?oval marble table?as the foundation for our meals and get-togethers had been a dream of mine for a while. ?I quickly realized, when your table is so gorge, you don’t have to do much to dress your table. As easy fix that has become quite the ritual around these parts, is decorating with bowls of citrus. Living in sunny LA, the citrus trees are begging you to pick their fruits to enjoy. PS- Our?Echo marble dining table?came from?High Fashion Home?(you’ll get lost on the site for hours-trust).


Speaking of the dining area, I have to admit I am slightly obsessed with our?Workshop console?that houses all necessary dining linens, placemats, napkins, etc. Keeping tons of essential items organized never looked so good in these baskets. Note: Repetition is the name of the game, and I’m crazy into stepping up my basket game- the more the merrier. ?Keeping all your items organized in the same material bins or?baskets?will create a clean and polished look that wont distract from the furniture. I’m constantly bringing home (and making) new placemats and napkins, it makes me happy to have a fabulous storage solution for them. Afterall, an organized space is a happy space! And if theres one room where you want to be happy, it’s where your eating and entertaining!


Photo Credit by Amy Bartlam

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