August 27, 2020

It’s pretty simple. Organizing your space helps you organize your thoughts. Life feels lighter and brighter if you live by this rule, and that’s exactly what happened in the PSIMT studio. This incredible transformation happened during a global pandemic which ended up bringing some much needed love into this space. I learned to focus on things that brought me joy and said goodbye to the things that were collecting dust and had not been touched in years. Sometimes we outgrow things (heck, even people!) and that is totally okay. PS- nothing was thrown away. The majority of craft supplies cleaned out were donated to The Art of Elysium, a beautiful organization near and dear to my heart.

PS- This could not have happened without the help of our friends from California Closets who just launched the Martha Stewart Everyday System collection– which is perfect because it’s all modular and perfect for any space, even if you don’t own your home, office or studio.

Everything brilliant starts with a blank canvas…

Working with the California Closets design team to come up with a design that would fit all my needs was actually really fun. We got to play with all sorts of formations. Cabinets, drawers, shelves- you name it! This can be a DIY or a DIY (Do-it-together) project or you can get someone to install it for you.

The entire system is modular with lots of different finishes and details to choose from. The white and gold felt super clean and happy- which is what I was looking for in the space. Before there was too much open shelving which became cause for clutter. Combining a mix of wire mesh drawers, traditional drawers, a little open shelving, and cabinet doors was the perfect blend of all the necessary solutions for storage needs. I could not be happier with the final design, which is truly fashion and function at its finest!

As someone who has a lot of (amazing and colorful) stuff, I decided to treat it almost like a fantastic store and spend the time to merchandise all of the colorful paints, dye, ribbons, etc. the way I would want to shop for them. It also makes looking for your supplies so much easier when they are super organized.

Here are some great finds used to keep this system tidy!

Everything finally has a place! What a fantastic feeling. Using clear vessels and stacking trays for things small medium and large, there truly are so many ways to organize things!

For odd shaped or large things- baskets are also great! These sisal baskets with rolls of paper came from The Little Market. From wrapping paper to even kids toys and plants- they are j’amazing!

Getting smaller bins and stackable containers that are clear are the perfect way to keep tiny items organized. This way, you can see exactly what you’re looking for and they save space by stacking vertically as well.

*CLICK HERE to see more storage solutions

PS- Cookie jars double as pom pom and bead jars!

“Operation: Get your studio together” was truly the sunshine in my shade during stay at home orders over quarantine.
If you are feeling inspired to organize get involved ASAP! From using small bins and baskets to getting a full Everyday System by Martha Stewart x California Closets, there’s no moment like right now to get your space feeling clean and organized.

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