Personal hang ups: From wall art, to travel dreams and procrastination…

November 14, 2016


Hi. I’m Erica. I’m a Libra, I love horses, boat rides, and sometimes this crazy cat Raj, who showed up at my backdoor nine months ago. I am far from perfect but want my house to always look impeccable. Now that we got that out of the way, let me also tell you a personal dream. I have never been to Italy. (*hears gasps*). Yes, can you believe it? It’s very high on my priority list, and I know one day I’ll get there- but instead of planning a trip, I have decided to live with some dreamy travel inspo on my wall and when the time comes for me to say ciao bella, so be it!

Just like a vision board, having art on your walls that inspires you is a fantastic way to live. When my friend Gray Malin wanted to give me a piece of art for my new home, it took me almost one full year to choose a photograph to hang. I did however obsess for months over which one I wanted. PS- See snaps below. I decided on a jaw- dropping seascape of Capri featuring Lido del faro swimmers. Oh! Can we talk about there is a massive Free Framing Sale on until 11/20. Get involved.


FYI- This took so long to decide which one I wanted. Why do we all procrastinate? I truly think it’s because we’re afraid to mess up and get intimidated by the idea of making decisions. Which leads me to one of the most intimidating tasks when decorating, hanging art! As simple and necessary as this key design element is, I for one, have been putting it off big time until now, which is why I thought that having some sort of goal to focus on, was the only way I was going to get my guest bedroom in order before the holidays (yes, mom and dad- your room looks amazing now).

Okay- I’ll stop blabbing- here are my tips when it comes to Art in the home. It’s simple stuff. Art 101, but very necessary to embrace!

STEP 1-The most important: Find something you love. Something that tells a story that resonates in your life. (As I said, this piece was all about my desire to visit the island of Capri one day).


STEP 2- When it comes time to hang the art, be sure to find a place where it will be hung and viewed optimally at eye level. A lot of people make the mistake of hanging art too high. You want to measure properly so you know that the art will not only be centered in a wall- I love when art anchors a wall in a room.


STEP 3- This may seem obvious, but measuring and marking the wall properly to know where the nails and anchors will go help you out big time. Lot’s of people don’t take the height of the wiring from the top of the art into consideration and get in trouble.


STEP 4– TINY TAPS! Never bang too hard. It could ruin the walls. Also, I like to angle my nails every-so-slightly and tilt them upward when I hammer, as the weight of the hammer can sometimes cause the nail to go in at a bad angle for hanging.


STEP 5– Phone a friend. I’m serious. Having a friend on hand to help you hang a large piece is actually beyond helpful as sometimes it can be really tricky to catch the wire on the nails.


STEP 6- Level that sh*t! Even if you think you have a pretty good eye, having a level on hand to help center the picture will be a lifesaver.


Lastly- Let everyone enjoy it, even if it’s not in a high traffic space. This piece hangs in the guest room as I mentioned, but I keep the door open so people can walk in and take a peak. Art should be enjoyed by all, even a crazy old kitty.

*Note to all my friends and family who stay in this guest room: YOU’RE WELCOME! XO ELD

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