December 12, 2018

A year of memories…DIY style

Life is all about making your own memories! And what better way to celebrate all the memories and amazing moments that happened throughout the year, than creating a book that will commemorate your events forever! We turned to our go-to source, Mixbook, for all things customization when it comes to DIY photo projects to create one of their amazing Year in Review” books.

If you ask us, the Year in Review books, are not your typical photo book. Their digital DIY process allows you to create fully customizable books, where you choose from an array of different themes available from well-known designers and popular tastemakers. Choose between softcover, hardcover, or layflat options for your book.? Sometimes people get intimidated when it comes to creating a book… whether they feel like they don’t have enough pictures, or perhaps they just don’t feel like taking the time- Mixbook takes the reins and offers an “auto-fill” option that will organize and design your book for you!? PS- Be sure to use our code PSBOOKS?for an amazing offer of 50% off your order through 1/30/2019.

The design that we chose from our book, was their “Modern White” Year in Review book, but you can choose from so many fun styles. They even go above and beyond and include hundreds of fonts, and thousands of backgrounds and graphics to help you create something next-level! If you’re feeling super creative, and have the time, you can even upload your own art!

?Crafting Perfection, aka making the book will take about a week to arrive to your doorstep… so order asap!

So happy the way this turned out!

We chose the softcover book, but it comes in hardcover and layflat too.? Books range from 6”x6” (US only) to 12”x12” sizes.? Most of the photos were imported via the phone, because let’s be honest—that’s where basically all of our memories get taken! It was a really seamless process and the quality is really fantastic.

Loving that the back of the book as a different photo, in fact- it’s a favorite shot from 2018!

Whoever you gift your book to, no doubt they will love the gift!

Can’t think of a better holiday gift then the gift of a loving memory photo book!

Order your Year in Review book ASAP, and be sure to use?code PSBOOKS?for an amazing offer of 50% off your order through 1/30/2019.

P.S.- Email it...