September 13, 2018

September always feels like the right time for a little home refresh. It’s that perfect season – post busy summer plans, and pre-holiday craziness.

Whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, office or reading nook, any space will benefit from a tasseled Rug! The project is simple, chic, inspired by Moroccan vibes.

To create you will need:

– 2’x3’ White Rug (like this one from Amazon)

– Needle and Black Thread

– Ruler

– Scissors

– Painters Tape

Black Fabric Paint 

– Sponge Brush

Black Yarn

– 4”x4” Cardboard Square


First up – tassels!

Take the 4”x4” piece of cardboard and wrap the black yarn around it 10 times.

Remove the wrapped yarn from the cardboard and tie a knot through the center of the yarn. This will be the start of the ‘head’.

Next, wrap yarn slightly below the top and tie a knot to finish the ‘head’.

Finally, cut each loop at the bottom so the tassels hang free!

You may need to give them a haircut and trim again so they are all uniform in size.

Now that your tassels are fringe worthy it’s time to get down to business.

Use a ruler and measure 6 inch increments along the short side of the rug. This is where the tassels will be placed.

Starting from the corner, sew tassels along the edge of the rug. Be sure to stitch and knot off properly so they stay in place.

Next, measure 7 inch increments along the rug and mark the lines.

Using the painters tape, tape off a stripe every 7 inches. For a thin strip- leave 1/4 inch between pieces of tape.

Use the sponge brush to dab paint between the tape directly into the fabric paint.

Use a straight overhead technique so the paint won’t smear.

Let the paint dry completely before removing the tape.

Now, grab a glass of wine and fix a bubble bath because this tassel rug is ready to go!

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