Tassel Bike Basket

February 22, 2018

It’s our favorite kind of weather, bicycle weather! Nothing bring us more pleasure than to saddle up and go for a leisurely afternoon ride to pick up flowers or farmer’s market goodies. ?Having a basket to handle your haul is very necessary when bopping around town doing errands. We recommend customizing your bike basket with a simple touch of colorful flair with tassels. We aren’t talking about the kiddie streamers, this is the chic and fashion forward way to travel in style.

To create, put together a cluster of your favorite tassels. ?Try scouring Etsy’s new site, Etsy Studio with tons of options too. ?String tassels together on a durable string, approx. 18 inches. ?Double knot together at the top to keep them in place. Next, its time to attach to the basket. ?If you have a wicker basket, like we do here- it is easy to thread through the front. ?If your basket doesn’t have openings, you will have to drill small holes. ?Once the string is pulled through and the tassels are sitting pretty, double knot from the inside and snip the leftover string! ?Happy riding!

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