August 7, 2019

In order to look on the sunny side of the street, sunglasses are required!? From cat eye to quirky and tortoise to teeny tiny, no matter what style you prefer, having them on hand is key.? If you are like most people, looking for your pair of sunnies is always the name of the game- so we’re all about keeping them on hand while keeping it chic. And, no! We are not talking about your Dad’s Croakies (if you know, you know). Create a fashion-forward chain that has a jewelry vibe and keeps your shades in one place. Get on board with this on trend DIY.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Old Chains and Necklaces are great for repurposing!

PS- Acrylic chain link is a must! Check out some great ones on Etsy!

Beads, string, jump rings

Adjustable Sunglass connectors

Start by laying out your necklaces, old chains and stringed beads out on a table unconnected.

If you’re using string and beads, make sure to have extra string on both ends to create loops for the rubber connectors.


Grab your rubber connectors and place one connector to each end of the chain.


Loop it to the chain, and/or string, depending on what you’re using.

For chains created with string and beads, loop the connector to the string and use a bead to double knot it.


Slip the connector onto each arm of your sunglasses and you’re set! It’s really that easy.


Catch ya’ outside!


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