September 28, 2019

This post is sponsored by Amazon Prime

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yes, we are talking about Halloween.  And while the world may look and feel a tad different these days, there are still so many ways to be creative with your family this year.  We teamed up with our friends at Amazon Prime to show you how easy and fun it is to repurpose the boxes you accumulate into a festive “Boxtume” for your car. After all, this year is all about Trunk or Treating, which means you can’t have a carnival without a car! Whether you decide to take the trunk or treating route or simply have a Halloween hang at home with family, let’s all keep in mind the importance of safety to promote our health and that of others as well.

To create your very own carnival themed “Carstume” you will need some basic supplies. Click HERE for a full list in our Amazon shop! The good news is, Amazon Prime boxes come in so many sizes. You can also use a craft knife to open them up and tape together to made different sizes. The whole idea here is to use what you have. This sustainable Halloween project is fun to do with the entire family. See below for the steps on how to create this “Carstume” at home!

Use a pencil to trace out a Carnival tent and draw lines from the top point down to the bottom. Then, fill in with red and white paint.

You may need two coats of paint, depending on how dark you want your colors.

PS- Add a fun pom pom or flag at the top!

To create a Pumpkin Ball toss, trace out a pumpkin and use a craft knife to cut out.

Draw the face details with a pencil that will be cut out.

Fill in the pumpkin with paint and use smaller boxes as weighted stands for the game. PS- we added some rocks inside these small Prime boxes to help weight the legs.

For a little extra flair, Carnival signs act as a great prop for photos!  Use a tall box, cover in paper and cut out smaller cardboard pieces to decorate for the signs.

Add a few balloons, an awning, extra flair and the stage is set!

Creating a festive, slightly over-the-top engaging way to celebrate Halloween while staying safe is the perfect way to keep traditions alive while staying creative! 


PS- Hope you get inspired to create your own “Carstume” for some Trunk or Treating this Halloween. 

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