Ombré Garden Stake

May 23, 2017


Oscar de la Renta always preached how “Gardening is how I relax. It’s another form of creating and playing with colors.” We couldn’t agree more- beautifully said by the late, great designer. ?And speaking of greats, our dear friend?Brian Kaspr?aka?@BKaspr?feels the exact same way about playing with colors. It doesn’t matter where he is, or what he’s painting, there is always color in his world. ?When we asked him to help us with our garden stakes, he went straight for his two favorite shades of pink and got to work. P.S. – they were inspired by his rad Patches?HERE!

To create colorful garden stakes of your own, hit up your local paint store and purchase paint stirring sticks. P.S. – If you’re nice, sometimes they even give them to you for free!

Choose two hues of spray paint you will use to create your ombré effect. We recommend one shade thats much lighter than the darker hue, but still in the same color family for a smooth transition. Lay sticks on a covered surface and spray with the lighter hue. Let dry and flip over to get the backside. Once those are totally dry, reach for your darker shade and lightly spray the tops, keeping the can approx. 6-8 inches from the surface. Gradually pull back the can to 12 inches towards the bottom of the 2nd color where it will fade into the base.

When dry, use paint or chalk markers to add herb and/or veggies names. If you don’t have the best lettering (like Brian) try a stencil! ?Once dry, score the bottom with a scissor and snap off the extra bottom of the stick. Measure your soil, as the height will depend on how deep it will be inserted into garden.

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