May 8, 2019

OH BABY! If you are looking for the perfect addition to a sweet nursery, look no more! When I was pregnant I knew I wanted to do something personal and special, but didn’t know exactly what!  When I found this really cute kids DIY animal kit , I thought how cute it would be to use the colors in my nursery palette and turn into a mobile. While you can peruse Etsy to find cute mobiles that are also handmade, there is nothing like the satisfaction walking into the nursery every single day and have your baby stare at the fruits of your labor (literally and figuratively). Check out the BTS of the making of this adorable felt mobile hanging in Wylie’s nursery.


What you will need to make:

Mini Animal Kit

Wooden Hoop


Decorative Pom Pom

Felt Stars

Wooden Beads (optional)

Unique Stitch Glue

Embroidery String



Choose from an array of cute and quirky animals in the felt animal kit and follow the patterns for cutting and stitching guides. Since I didn’t love the colors the kit came with, I purchased my own colors of felt to achieve the softer tones I was going for.  Before attaching any faces or limbs, make sure to lay out all of your pieces to make sure you have everything needed.


After cutting out each piece (this step is the most time consuming for sure), stack the different pieces together for each animal. This will keep you organized when stitching each animal together.


Keep in mind, the smaller and neater the stitches are the better. You also want to use corresponding colored thread for each animal so it matches the felt.


Make sure to leave a small opening for when it’s time to stuff the animals with the filler.


Once the face and back have been sewn onto the front body piece of the animal, use a small piece of cotton filler and stuff it inside. Be sure to get in into the legs and other smaller parts so their bodies are evenly distributed. Next, sew up the hole to complete each animal. If you’re not an expert sewer, fabric glue is always a good option.


After the animals are finished,  wrap cotton cord around the hoop until you reach where you started. Cut the string pieces to dangle for the animlas and knot directly onto the hoop, keeping the knots on the inside. Whenever you have to cut the rope, be sure to dap the ends with a little glue to seal it.


Get creative to the hanging pieces with animals. Add felt stars (these came from Etsy) or wooden beads!


Topped it off with a pom pom, ‘cuz why not?!

Find the perfect spot in your nursery, preferably over the crib secured safely for you and your baby to enjoy!

PS- Wylie loves it!

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