December 3, 2020

When in doubt, put a bow on it… oh, and some mini bells!  We are serving up a festive and super-easy way to jazz up any dinner party over the holidays, or basically any day with a napkin upgrade. PS- No major skills required, just someone who is into a dash of color and sprinkle of flair!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Jingle bells

(You can find other options here)




Pre-cut each piece of ribbon approx. 22-24  inches. You will want to cut enough pieces for all your napkins!


Have your little jingle bells at the ready and feed the ribbon through the loop on the bells.  Make sure you cut the ribbon on a slight angle so it is easier to feed through the hole.


String three or more bells per ribbon. Mix and match your colors too!



Before you tie your napkin up, its always good to have it folded flat before.


Find the middle of your napkin and tie the ribbon into a bow. Yup! It’s that easy.


Don’t forget to trim the ribbon edges on an angle.


Perfect for place settings at any table!




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