November 8, 2020

Falling into a linen frame of mind…

Mixing things up for fall and adding in extra layers of coziness are happening all around, especially when it comes to memories.  If you fall into the category for snapping hundreds of photos but never actually print them out, you’ve come to the right place. We’re working with Mixbook on a chic photo project that will make you want to print your pics ASAP and start framing these gems to enjoy IRL everyday.

Taking your moments and crafting them into permanent memories that are displayed for you to enjoy daily is something that you won’t regret. Inspired by chic artwork and custom frames, we created linen mats that step up these snaps faster than you can say Cheese!

To get started, log into and create a profile. You will automatically sync your photo gallery (via mobile or desktop) and start selecting images to print. Choose the size and quantity all within sheer seconds, making this process so easy and seamless to use.

Once your photos arrive in a few days from Mixbook, the fun begins. You will need the following items to create the custom fabric mats:

Linen Fabric

Cutting tool + Fabric scissors

Blank photo mat (be sure it’s the same size for your photos)


Spray mount

Double-sided tape

Figuring out which photograph to frame is probably the hardest part of all.

Having the contact sheets handy is always helpful, when looking for a particular photo, or if you want to do a re-order down the road.

First things first, cut your fabric, leaving a 1.5” border

Giving it a good press with an iron before adhering to the mat is a good idea. Who wants wrinkles?  Be sure to spray the front side of the mat with your adhesive. The front side will get placed face down onto the fabric. Hold in place and use hands to press firmly to secure it in place for a few seconds.  Next, trim corners off.

After corners are trimmed, make an interior “X” on the inside of the frame.

Place double-sided tape onto the outside border of the mat all the way around.

Fold back the interior corners, and tape on the back of the mat.


As we said above, choosing which favorite photos will get displayed in the frames is the most challenging part of this whole process!  It’s always fun to rotate out different photos as the seasons change. For instance, these are all summer vacation pictures that we’re still not over!  

No matter what fabrics or photos you choose, you are guaranteed to get some oooh’s and ahhh’s when friends and family come over, as these new framed pieces are actually small works for art for everyone to enjoy!

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