March 16, 2020

This post has been sponsored by The Incredible Egg. All opinions expressed are our own.

This year for Easter, we are tossing the pastel palette away and rolling up our sleeves for something that will get any bunny excited… tie-dye Easter eggs!  Tie-dye not only happens to be one of this season’s biggest trends that is making a massive comeback, it’s also something nostalgic that all generations love!

Our friends at The Incredible Egg, were “dyeing” (sorry, we had to), to celebrate Easter together in a crafty way. We thought that this inventive method could be great for families of all ages as well as all of our friends who are looking to put their own personal spin on a stylish holiday craft.  There are tons of ways that Easter eggs get painted, dyed, dipped, and DIY’ed and no way is right or wrong- it’s about the tradition that lasts a lifetime.

We hope to inspire you to get a little more creative this season and try your hand at a little tie-dye Easter theme, that’s truly eggcellent!

What you will need:

Hard-boiled Eggs (white, brown or a combo of both!)

Paper napkins/paper towels

Rubber bands

Rubber gloves

Food coloring

Spray bottle


Clothespins (optional)

After your eggs are hardboiled, the first step is to wrap the egg in either a paper towel or paper napkin. You want be sure to wrap the egg as smooth as possible, without creating too many folds.

Secure the paper napkin by wrapping a rubber band tightly at the top.

When designing your eggs, remember that both white and brown eggs work for this method of dying.  If you want more of a vibrant outcome, use a white egg. Brown eggs look very cool tie-dyed as well, they simply have a darker tone.

Fill a spray bottle with 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar and spray the entire surface to make it damp.

After putting on your protective gloves (trust us, you don’t want your hands to get dyed), use the food coloring to directly blot small drops of color onto the egg.  Keep in mind, the color will spread as it touches the wet surface, so less is best. You can always go back to add more!

Get creative with your colors, and try different combos!

The best part about this cool method is that anyone can do it- you don’t need to be an artist, or a super crafty person to make amazing tie-dye eggs… they all come out looking so awesome.

All the colors!

After letting the dye soak into your eggs, be sure to give them a little squeeze (so the dye soaks into the shell) and let them set on a covered surface.  Wait for about 30 minutes before unwrapping the eggs. The paper towels and napkins will have the most amazing designs… almost as good as the eggs themselves!

Oooooooh la la!

Each one just gets prettier and prettier!

We love that each egg comes out totally different! Not one will ever be the exact same design, which is the beauty of DIY tie-dye eggs.

Almost too pretty to toss in the trash! Maybe instead of throwing away your tie-dye napkins, you can turn them into other creations.

This Easter, it’s in the bag (or should we say basket) with this crazy colorful project. Hope you get inspired to hippity-hop into the season with our new favorite way to celebrate Easter with our tie-dye eggs that are to dye for!

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