April 17, 2018

Pom Pom season has arrived! The weather is warming up, folks are feeling flirty and it’s a great time of year to simply add more flair into just about everything you do, especially when it comes to entertaining!

These DIY rope and pom pom napkin rings, are just what your next dinner needs!

It’s an easy project, that should take no time at all. Simply reach for your favorite poms (we love Etsy as a resource), some rope, thin twine, scissors and a glun gun.

Be sure to cut your rope all the same length, so the size is consistent. These pieces are 8”.

Add a small dap of glue to one end of your rope and connect with the other side, creating a circle.

Wrapping thin twine around the circle that you just created will not only cover any messy glue dots you have, but it also will help to reinforce the napkin ring once you glue the pom pom on top.

Look at these lil cuties! Who is ready for their next dinner party!?!

Photography by Emma Feil

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