Ice-Dye Table Runner

November 6, 2020

Isn’t the old saying, Birds of a feather pattern together? Well, maybe not. But we have fallen head over heels into the colorful world of Rebecca Atwood who has taking pattern-love to the next level. In celebration of our girl Rebecca’s new book Living With Pattern, we’re bringing you an unique way to dye fabrics using ice. Sending mad chills up and down your friends spines via design just got a whole lot chic’er.  Create your very own table runner using this icy hot method which is perfect for any occasion. Grab your ice and let’s dye over this DIY.

To create: Soak your fabric (or table runner) in soda ash and water (1 cup per gallon of water) for 15 minutes. Soda ash acts as a fixative, making the dye permanent. Pick out what dyes you’d like to use, we opted for a cool color story. We recommend using fibre reactive dye. Ring out your fabric throughly so it’s damp not wet. Set a baking rack on top of a washtub or pan (don’t use anything you cook with). Scrunch your fabric on top of the rack. Don’t stack too high as the dye won’t soak through as well. Place ice on top of the fabric. Make sure to cover it completely. Sprinkle dye over top of the ice with a spoon (again, don’t use anything you eat with). Make sure to get a good amount of coverage but don’t overlap too many colors. Allow ice to melt completely overnight. It can get messy as it melts so move to a safe area. Rinse the fabric and voilá!

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