November 11, 2018

It’s that time of year again! The holidays are in full swing and we’re getting in the decorating spirit, especially when it comes to setting the table.

One new addition we’re adding to this years Thanksgiving table, is a chic and festive printed menu! Not only does is make the place settings extra special and a tad fancy, but there’s no more questions from guests when it comes to what’s for dinner. And with all of the decorative templates to choose from?Mixbook‘s custom stationery, adding in this new addition just got a whole lot easier.?

Go beyond the standard invite with?Mixbook?and use any?holiday invitation template?as a menu! Once your design has been chosen, simply type up each course, adjust your fonts, sizing to you liking, add to cart, and wait for the holiday menus to arrive.? This year’s guests will be blown away by the extra level of detail on the table.?For us, it was really the Menu that set the tone for the whole palate before we even thought about setting the table.

Loving the Rose gold foil printed details that really ties the vibe together and elevates things. This is what inspired the matching Chargers behind the dinner plates.

Once your theme or color palate has been chosen, the fun really begins.? This is the most important as it’s easy to get carried away when it comes to holiday decor.? It’s also fun to opt for less traditional holiday colors like we did with mint green, dusty rose, pops of metallics. Get creative and test drive some citrus hues too!

Florals are the easiest and best way to upgrade any tablescape. Don’t get too stuck on the idea of only using actual flowers. Adding greenery like eucalyptus is less expensive and brings a gorgeous accent to the table.?

Whether you’re a fan of a minimal look or the more, is more concept, just make sure the table is balanced evenly with your florals and enough space to actually eat!

Follow some of these full-proof steps to create the perfect holiday table?and you’re guests will be ohhhing and ahhhing over more than just the food!?

For more creative ways to upgrade your events, and special moments with?Mixbook, check out their special holiday collections and more!??Save 50% off your first stationery order now through 12/01/18 with code?PSIMADECARDS.

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