August 8, 2020


We love bringing the outside in and accenting a room with colorful plants, but the real fun lies in finding a planter that ties them in with your decor. Enter the unique work of this week’s contributor House That Lars Built: they add a gilded touch to recycled bottles and tins that seriously wins! The gold leaf treatment transforms even the most vintage finds into glam, high-end objects that will never go out of style.

To create: In a well ventilated space (preferably outdoors), coat the entire bottle or container with an even layer of spray paint. Let dry for a few moments and coat a second layer. Once the paint is completely dry, use a paintbrush to coat the bottle with adhesive haphazardly. Paint thin areas of glue to thick, have some drips and splatters too. Let the glue become tacky but not dry completely. Tear small pieces of the gold leaf and adhere it to the tacky surface. Use a brush to help lay the leaf down. Again, the method should not be perfect to give a marble effect. Continue placing on the gold leaf until you’ve achieved your desired look.

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