Flower Box

February 1, 2018


If your sweetheart is one-of-a-kind, it’s only fitting to treat them to an unexpected?twist on tradition that says I heart you with a handmade touch. The chic boxed?arrangements of?Agnès B. florist?in Hong Kong inspired this DIY that’s?the perfect way to show your love is in bloom. Life may be like a box of chocolates,?but this unique gesture is one that will melt their heart, not in their hand.

To?create: Trace the?heart box?onto the?floral foam?using a?sharpie, then cut out the shape using a?knife. Use the plastic flower sleeve to line the bottom of the box. Insert the heart-shaped floral foam into the box. Use?shears?to trim the stems of the roses (P.S.- we used three different sizes and colors of roses for variety). Gently spritz the foam with water. Place the stem of each rose into the floral foam, beginning at the edge of the box working your way around to the center. Finish it off by tying a?bow?onto the top of the box, then give your valentine a gift they won’t forget.

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