August 1, 2019

Name one person who doesn’t love a whimsical and colorful treat! There is nothing better than creating something thats simply j’amazing that is so incredible easy to make. Yes, we said EASY TO MAKE! This is the ultimate DIY dessert for birthday, baby shower, and just a Thursday.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Rice Krispies Treat Sheet

White Frosting

Food Coloring

Icing spatula


After you remove the outside packaging on the Treat Sheet, be sure to leave it on the cardboard tray which makes for a great cutting board.

Grab the frosting and start spreading it over the top of Treat Sheet with a spatula as even as possible.


Once the Treat Sheet is fully covered, add drops of food coloring sporadically. Remember, less is more because it will spread and you would always rather be able to add more color versus having too much that will get muddy when spread around.


Use the same spatula for spreading the frosting to start swiping the food coloring around. Use clean long strokes. Remember to hold the spatula as flat as possible to get an even? look.


Make sure to move both ways across the Rice Krispies and connect all the colors! If you feel like there is excess icing and color, don’t be afraid to scrape some off the top and smooth out.


Voila! You’ll know when you’re done, once your Rice Krispies looks like a watercolor painting! Honesty, is there anything better?


Slice the Treat Sheet and enjoy!


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