December 8, 2020

Tiz’ the season to get crafty in the kitchen!  You don’t need to be an expert baker (or crafter) for this. Creating a string of edible (and delicious) Christmas lights for a holiday party will impress all of your guests, even Santa!  This is super kid-friendly dessert is a perfect holiday activity to do as a family or with friends.  Get creative with your colored lights and make them shine bright all season long… well, before you eat them!


Here’s what you’ll need:

Rice Krispies Treat Sheet

White Frosting

Color Mist

Gold sprinkles

Twizzlers Pull’n’peel

Gold cake paint

Icing spatula

Small paint brush

Christmas light shaped cookie cutter


Start by taking the rice krispie treat sheet out of the packaging.  Because it comes on a cardboard backing, its the perfect surface to use a cookie cutter on.  Start your cookie cutter in the corner so you don’t waste any of the treats.  Press firmly directly into the treat sheet.


Cut each light as close as possible together


Time to ice! Place your lightbulbs on parchment paper, and grab that icing! To get a liquid royal icing, microwave the container for a few seconds.

You’ll want to start by outlining the outside shape and then fill in.


Try to keep the icing as even as possible, even though your treats may have some bumpy ridges.


This is where the fun begins! Group the lights into lines and be sure to cover the surface below.  Grab a paper towel and cover the bottom, as that will be metallic.


Spray away! Make sure the color is even.


Pull the paper towel away, and you have your first set of colored lights!  Keep in mind the icing and the color mist both need to dry.


Repeat the above steps for the other colors.


Now that all the lights are colored, let’s add some final touches. Place all the bulbs on a cookie tray and use edible metallic paint to brush directly on the icing.


Paint the white part of the bulbs so they are ready for the next step… you want them to be wet for the sprinkles.


Add gold sprinkles to give them an extra pop of metallic flair!


Looking good!  Now wait for them to dry and arrange on a platter or board.


Presentation is everything so let’s get started!

Grab your platter or board and start pulling apart the Twizzlers so that they are single strings. Place them in different positions around the board.


Place the lights on top of the strings and you’ve got the perfect holiday treat for you and your family friends, maybe even Santa too!

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