Ombré Heart Cake

February 1, 2018


Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to tell your loved ones how much you adore them. What better way to say that than with a cake? We’re all about layering this season so we’ve decided to create an ombré cake that reflects all the different ways you love sweets and your sweetie. Get baking this v-day!

To create: In a?large bowl?combine the?cake mix?and necessary ingredients listed on the box. Separate the mix into four bowls. In the first bowl add 1 drop of?red food coloring, 3 in the next, 9 after that and 14 in the last bowl; stir until mix is pink. Pour the contents of each bowl into a separate?heart-shaped pan?and bake according to the instructions. Remove from oven and let cool. Take the cake out of the pans and shave the edges with a?knife. Spread?frosting?on the surface of each cake layer with an?icing spatula?then stack on another layer. Repeat until all four layers are iced and stack on one another. Top off the cake with?heart-shaped icing decorations.

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