December 4, 2020

Cooler temperatures mean that it’s time for hot cocoa season! And what is the perfect addition to cocoa? Marshmallows of course! Get ready to up your traditional marshmallow game with these adorable marshmallow snowmen sticks.



Wooden candy sticks

– Decorative icing (Orange and Black)

Black sugar pearls

First, add the marshmallows to the sticks in threes.  Be sure not to puncture the top marshmallow aka, his head!

Using your sticks (or a toothpick), poke small holes for eyes and buttons.  This will create a space for the sugar pearls to stick better to the marshmallow.

Place chocolate dots into the holes.  You may have to push them in a bit so they stay.

Draw the snowman nose with orange icing. Slow and steady!  Icing can come out fast, so do a few practice versions before going for it. Follow with dots of black icing for the mouth.

Hello little friends! Now, just add to a warm cup of cocoa and sit by a fire!

P.S.- Grab all the ingredients needed here!

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