Macaron Tower

October 21, 2016


All hail Macarons! These French sweet treats have swept us up in a major way, maybe perhaps because we keep seeing them featured in our latest obsession?Versailles, the new period series on?Ovation?that takes place in?1667 during the monarchy of?Louis XIV. It’s a must watch, P.S.- don’t even get us started on the next level wardrobe (see inspo collage above). ?Meanwhile, these sweet moments have inspired us to?take it to the next level, literally by transforming it into a tower of sweet heavenly goodness using the iconic French delicacies. We opted for pumpkin flavored macarons, after all it is October! This is the perfect desert display for the holidays or really any regal celebration. Enjoy making, eating, oh and watching Versailles!

To create: Wrap the?styrofoam cone?in?tissue paper?and use?scotch tape?to secure. Starting at the bottom, stick each?macaron?to the cone with a?toothpick. We opted for pumpkin macarons to celebrate Fall. Continue to build your rows of macarons. Decorate your tower with a little flourish by inserting a rose bud every few rows.
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