Lemon Ricotta & Raspberry Crepe

April 7, 2016


We believe in always having a strong brunch game and who says you need to eat out in order to have next-level meals? We decided to roll up our sleeves and create a mouth-watering display of crepes, perfect for home entertaining that’s as equally easy to make as it is easy on the eyes. We love using the?SPLENDA? Sugar Blend?in both the filling and the topping, it’s the perfect addition to any recipe, for cooking or baking!

To create: Whether you use?store-bought crepes?(we don’t judge) or opt to make them yourself, the real fun part is the filling if you ask us!

FILLING: Combine 2 cups?ricotta cheese, 1 tablespoon?vanilla extract?and 4 tablespoons?SPLENDA? Sugar Blend?and squeeze ? lemon in a?mixing bowl. Blend until smooth. Spread the ricotta filling inside the cooled crepes and fold.

TOPPING: Combine 2 cups fresh?raspberries, ? cup?SPLENDA? Sugar Blend, 1 tablespoon freshly squeezed?lemon?juice and 2 tablespoons water over medium-low heat in a small pan. Cook for five minutes. After crepes are stuffed with filling and drizzled with the sauce, garnish with your favorite?seasonal fruits?and?mint leaves.?Finish off by sprinkling?SPLENDA? Sugar Blend?for a sweet topping!

P.S.- Special thanks to SPLENDA? for sponsoring and sweetening up this DIY.

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