Conversation Heart Treat

February 6, 2018


Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for you to show those nearest and dearest to you just how much you luv them, so make someone special something personal that comes from the heart.?Trade in those traditional cards and boxes of chocolates for a?personalized?treat that’s clever, “krispy” and sweet. Gather a group of creative Cupids for a deliciously expressive V-Day DIY!

To create: Cut hearts out of the?Rice Krispie treat sheet?with a?cookie cutter. Flatten the?fondant?with a?rolling pin, then use the same cookie cutter to once again, cut heart-shapes. Write a personal message with an?edible marker?then place the fondant on top of the Rice Krispie and?let your Valentine know what’s in your heart before it reaches their mouth!

For some inspirational quotes listen to our latest love tunes!
CLICK HERE for the P.S.- I made this..Playlist: Volume 5?by?The Jane Doze.


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