March 1, 2020

Oh hey bunnies! It’s our favorite time of year when snacks look and taste better in pastel hues. Easter treats bring out our inner bunny who loves getting festive and crafty. This sweet treat uses a classic dessert with a little DIY hack that will transform a dessert into the cutest little cake that ever was! Don’t worry, even a beginner baker/crafter can tackle this one, especially kids!
To create,  trace a bunny ear shape onto decorative construction paper. We opted for a silver glitter cardstock, because… why not!? Then, trace a smaller pastel pink “inner ear” shape and cut out. Use glue to adhere the smaller ear piece inside the larger one. Make sure you leave a little extra room on the bottom, knowing they will be getting inserted into the Snowball Tastycakes. Push each ear directly into the Snowball cakes. To finish their faces, use icing as glue to stick onto edible candy eyeballs, and create mini whiskers with a small piping bag of icing.  These little cute desserts will be sure to hop away in peoples tummies!
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