September 9, 2019

This fall, follow the trends that speak to your heart and dive into a color palate that is calling your name.? From fashion to accessories, all of the Fall feels are coming back and nothing sounds cozier that Soufflés! To be clear, we’re talking about Sculpey soufflé, an amazing polymer clay that’s so lightweight, that it’s practically begging you to make jewelry.

We created these next-level and lovable statement earrings with dreamy colored Soufflés and some fun embellishments that are sure to be a fav! Get involved..


Here’s what you’ll need:

Sculpey Souffle Clay, we used Bluestone and Pumpkin

Sculpey 5-in-1 tool

Mini Roller, Jewelry pliers

Jump rings, earring wires

Mini Tassels

Pearl beads, Metallic Pialettes

Something with texture (We used a red leather planner!)

Paper and Pen for tracing a stencil


Start by ripping off 1/4 of clay from your pack and roll it out.? You want it to be thin enough, but not too thin that you cant transfer to bake.


Once your clay is smooth, use either a stencil, a lid to a container, etc. and cut a circle into your clay with your cutting tool.

Cut the circle in half and pull away the excess clay that you can use later.


Texture time! Grab anything textured (plastic and leather work best), place it on top of the clay and apply pressure so it leaves an imprint on the clay pieces.? The soufflés ability to hold detail allows you to get creative with so many textures that are fantastic for jewelry making!


You’ll want to change the head on your 5-in-1 tool so that you can poke perfect holes into your clay. For this set of earrings we added 3 holes on the flat side of the semi circle, as well as, the middle of the arch.

After your pieces are complete, bake in an oven?at 275 °F for 30 minutes per 1/4 in (6 mm) thickness.


After your clay pieces are cooled down after baking, it’s time to compile each earring. From pom poms to oversized sequins… anything goes!


Start with adding jump rings to each of the tassels using your pliers. While the loop is still open, loop each tassel into the three bottom holes on the clay semi circles.? You’ll do the same with the metal pieces and the pearl earring hooks.

PS- The clay’s strength is incredible so don’t be shy to add embellishments that are even a little heavier like gems and charms work great too.




P.S.- Can you say perfect accessory for transition weather?


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