June 29, 2020

Whether you’re a product of the 80’s or 90’s, it’s time to rock a scrunchie this summer like it’s your job.  From cute ponytails to punchy top knots, anything goes.  But instead of searching high and low for the perfect hair accessory, making one has never been easier. And the best part- No sewing! Get involved…

To create, you will need:

Printed fabric (opt for one that has the print on both sides)

Ruler, Fabric scissors, elastic

Fabric Glue (Unique stitch is basically like sewing in a tube)

To get started, cut your fabric in a rectangle approx.. 18” x 4″

Glue along the long edge and fold over to create a “hem”. Press down and do the other side.

Once both sides are “hemmed”, you will glue each side on top of one another, creating what will resemble a long tube. Once it’s completely dry, feed your elastic into the tube.

Keep in mind, you want the elastic to be pulled a little tight to hold the hair in your scrunchie.

You may need to test the elasticity with the fabric.

Double knot the elastic, trim the ends and use the fabric glue to connect sides.

To create the “bunny ear tie” trace a piece of paper approx. 6-8 inches in a connected double oval pattern.  Cut the shape out of the material and double knot directly onto the seam of the scrunchie!

Voila! The most perfect summer (or really any season) scrunchie!

Totally approved to rock on a wrist as well.

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