January 8, 2019

The perfect way to cure outfit boredom? A pearl and velvet headband! Whether this fab accessory is being dressed up or down it is a true head-turner, and a simple DIY.

To create you will need:

Velvet Fabric

Faux Pearls

– Needle and thread


– Ruler

– Scissors

The first step,? create the pattern. Start by making a rectangle that is 36 inches long x 7.5 inches wide.

On the short sides of the rectangle mark the center point at 3.75 inches. On both long sides of the rectangle mark 3.5 inches in from each corner.?Next, draw a connecting line from the 3.5 inch mark to the center mark of the shorter sides to create a point.

Pin the pattern onto?the fabric and cut out the fabric in the pattern shape.

Fold the fabric long ways so that the edges line up. Do this so the velvet is on the inside. Once this is done, pin the fabric in place.

Using the needle and thread, sew along the edge leaving the tips of each end open (this will be where the wire is inserted).

Next, turn the ‘tube’ inside out so the velvet is now on the outside.

Measure the wire 37 inches long and cut. Twist both ends of the wire to create a small loop – about half inch in size.

Insert the wire through the tube.

Using the small loop, sew the wire into place on the fabric.?Next, sew each end of the fabric closed.

The headband can be completed at this stage – or there is an option to decorate the headband with faux pearls!

To embellish with pearls, lay headband flat. Use the pins to mark each placement of pearls.

Sew pearls onto the headband.

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