Marble Box Clutch

February 24, 2018


This luxe clutch is all about using, not losing, your marbles. Designers from?Balenciaga?to?Rebecca Minkoff?have utilized the minimalism of a marble finish to add sleek dimension to their accessories; and so should you! Jump on this trend that’s sure to remain timeless…and thank us later for your new favorite clutch.

To create:?Measure?the surfaces of your?acrylic box clutch. With a?marker?and?ruler, trace out the shapes on the backside of the?marble contact paper. We used two pieces for the top and bottom then a third piece that covers the clutch from side to side. Cut the pieces out with?scissors. Peel the back off the contact paper and carefully adhere to the coinciding surfaces of the clutch. Repeat to the opposite side of the clutch.

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