Lip Print Wall Art

February 1, 2018


The kiss is a symbol that’s as playful as it is romantic. We see its presence everywhere. From?Dan Colen’s?artwork to?Erin Fetherston’s?current collection, a kiss will never go out of style.?Now it’s your turn to touch someone’s heart with DIY art.?If you’re like us, you’ve got oodles of lipsticks lying around in a variety of fun shades. So why not use them to make a Valentine for someone you adore? They say love is in the air…so hang it on the wall for all to see!

To create: Apply lipstick to your lips. We used an assortment from our favorite brands:?Chanel,?Dior,?Estée Lauder?and?Maybelline. Kiss a piece of?paper?over and over until the color fades. Reapply if necessary or use a different shade and create layers of multi-colored smooches for your loved one. Finish off by placing your personalized artwork in a?frame. P.S.- get creative with a cluster of frames in varying sizes.

If ?you love, love… then you will fall for our newest jams!
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Created by?The Jane Doze.

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