Gem Bracelet

March 23, 2018


Sometimes you just need to have a girly moment. With Spring air flowing and flowers in bloom, it’s the perfect time to trade tough zippers for sweet ruffles, distressed denim for floral prints, and studded stacks for pretty pastel gems. Inspired by?Tous’?colorful?Bliss collection,?wrist candy becomes wrist poetry with this DIY bracelet that reminds us why gems are truly, truly outrageous!

To create: Place each?Swarovski Fancy Stone?into a?setting?and secure by clamping prongs closed with?pliers. Next, use a?sharpie?to draw oval shapes onto the?plastic envelope,?then use scissors to cut out each shape. Draw an oval ?that is approximately 1/4” wider than the set stone to allow room for jump rings to attach. Dab a small amount of?glue?onto a?craft stick?and spread onto the plastic oval. Adhere this to the backside of your set stone. Allow the glue to dry completely, then pierce two holes on both sides of the plastic oval with a?needle. Connect the plastic pieces with a?jump ring?and finish off by attaching a?clasp.

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