December 2, 2020

Headbands are the perfect accessory to make any outfit pop. After seeing this Chanel-like fringe trim at a fabric store, the fashion bells were dinging! A headband must be crafted out of this gorgeous find! Adding the pearls give it a little more Chanel flare ??

To create you will need:

– Fringe trim

Thick headband

Faux pearls

– Fabric Glue (Unique stitch is basically like sewing in a tube)

– Hot glue gun

– Scissors

To start, place glue along the outside edge of the headband. Using the thickest part of the trim, secure trim to glue.

Cut trim at the end of the headband.

Repeat the glue and trim steps until the headband is covered. 

Cut any access trim.

Using the hot glue gun, glue pearls along the center of the headband.

Let glue dry and start accessorizing outfits now!

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