Foiled Denim Pocket

September 17, 2015


Nobody puts baby in a corner, and nobody tells baby she can’t wear white jeans?after labor day! If you’re not ready to give up on your favorite summer staple?just yet, give ’em a flashy revamp with this simple, shimmering DIY. Metallic deco?foil layered onto the back pockets adds an unexpected pop that will make?mouths drop.

To create: Squeeze a dollop of?glue?into a?plastic dish?and?brush?a thin layer of glue over the entire back pocket of your?jeans. Let glue dry slightly for 30 seconds. Place half a sheet of?teal transfer foil?on top of the glue, silver side down. Gently smooth down the foil with your fingers. Lay?parchment paper?on top of the foil transfer and?iron?on medium heat for 20 seconds. Be sure to press firmly near the stitches to get into the creases. Let sit until completely cool then peel away the teal foil. Next, layer the?orange color foil?on top. Repeat steps but brush only a few strokes of the glue. Let foil sit completely for 72 hours before wearing.

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