August 18, 2020

The slides were made for walking… right into Fall! The slide trend took over Insta feeds this Summer and what better way to keep the trend going (and also repurpose a pair of summer shoes) than repurposing them for a fabulous Fall DIY upgrade! PSA: Anticipate tons of compliments on these babies.

To create you will need:

Plain slides (similar)

Faux Fur Trim

Leather and Suede Glue

– Scissors

The first step,  lay the Faux Fur Trim along the top of the slide to measure length.

 Repeat this step down the top of the slide, cutting each piece of trim. Lay out each measured trim before glueing.

Starting from the top of the slide, glue each piece of Faux Fur Trim. Note – make sure each piece of trim is tight together so to not leave any space.

Also, be sure to place each strip down so all of the furry pieces “grain” are going in the same direction.

Let the slides dry completely- it can take up to 24 hours before you may be able to wear.  PS- get ready for EVERYONE to ask where these slides are from and be ready to reply P.S. – I Made This!

P.S.- Email it...