Eye Barette

September 4, 2014


P.S.- we’ve got our eye on you, and in our hair, and on our shoes! The evil eye is a?symbol of protection in many cultures, and lots of artists and designers have adopted?its bold stare to accent everything from jewelry to accessories and fashion.?Pierre?Hardy?is in major focus this season with their peeper embellished pumps, so we took?that eye-catching motif in a DIY direction by dressing it down atop a slip-on sneak,?and added it to a hair accessory that’s equally worth a peek.

To create: ?Print our nifty?template?on?cardstock paper?and cut out the individual patterns. Use tailor’s chalk to trace the eye pattern onto?black faux-leather. Trace the white pattern on?white fabric?and the iris pattern on a?colored fabric?of your choice. Cut out the traced pieces, using?embroidery scissors?for precision. Arrange and?glue?the parts with the black at the top followed by the iris and the white piece. For a little flare, we added a?gem?on top. Use?fabric tape?to attach your eye piece to an accessory of your choice; we opted for a variety of?shoes?and a?hair barrette.

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