Embroidered Patch Pouch

July 10, 2014

07.10.14_IA_Pouch-MERGEDP.S.- I made this… is proud to announce our partnership with the innovative?organization?Indego Africa, an amazing social enterprise that empowers and employs women?artisans in Rwanda. The first in our series of DIY projects using the colorful iron-on?patches designed by Erica and produced by the talented women of the IBABA?cooperative, this?Embroidered Patch Pouch?applies an African-inspired design and ribbon?to a bright leather pouch to create a stylish, personalized piece with a purpose.

Sold in sets of two, P.S.-I made this… with?Indego Africa?limited edition patches?are available on?indegoafrica.org. The profits of your purchase?go directly back to the?cooperatives. Join in on our “Colorful Mission for Good” and learn more by?watching the video?and checking out our?behind the scenes?coverage!

To?create: Cut two pieces of?grosgrain ribbon?long enough to wrap around both sides of the?leather pouch.?P.S. – we used a?1/4″ light pink?and a?5/8″ magenta. Use a?foam brush?to apply an even coat of?leather glue?to the ribbons. For a more precise look, mark the center of the pouch with a?ruler?and?chalk. Carefully place the ribbons one at a time on the center of the?pouch?and press down gently to secure. Trim any excess ribbon off with?scissors.?Iron?on your self-adhesive heat set?P.S. x Indego Africa patch?at the center on the highest cotton setting. To prevent burning, place a cloth or fabric swatch between the iron and surface of the patch.

*Watercolor illustrations by Martha Napier of Marnani Design Studio?www.marnani.com
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