August 22, 2020

More is more, especially when it comes to headbands.  Major hair accessory envy is nothing new. From Blair Waldorf to a bevy of royals, wearing a headband with crazy cool feathers, crystals, or gems are still going strong.  Kudos to the long time supporters of the fashion headband, and to those who have recently hopped on the headband train, welcome aboard! Our dear friend and fashion journalist turned royal expert, Elizabeth Holmes has been trend-spotting hatbands (as she calls them) for quite some time and we wanted to show everyone how easy it is to create your own, in no time at all. These are perfect for any fete, or even sipping some champagne at home on a Tuesday! Get creative with your colors and your embellishments… anything goes!

Here’s what you’ll need:

 Headbands: green, cherry pink, brown and black

(they also come in tons colors HERE)

Baguette Flat Back Rectangle Acrylic Rhinestones

Feathery trim

Brooch (repurpose any that you may have)

Hot Glue Gun


Let’s start with the worlds easiest DIY. Grab one of your headbands and an embellished brooch. Poke the pin through the headband just on one side and push through the other and close securely.


We told you it was that easy!


For this next headband, grab your feathery trim and cut off a small piece and tie it into a double knot.


When your glue gun is hot enough, add a glob of glue to the headband exactly where you want the feather embellishment to be.


Place directly onto the glue and press into the headband for a minute to make sure it stays in place.


So chic! You can wear this literally anywhere, its the perfect party headband.


For a person who is all about the jewel tones, this ones for you.

Plan the pattern first so you’re organized by color which will make the gluing process much easier.


Start your gluing gems to the headband to create your first color block.

It’s best to do one gem at a time so the glue doesn’t dry. If you are quick and have a steady hand, adding a longer line of glue and adding a few gems at once is allowed.


Be sure to hold in place before moving onto the next batch of gems.  Hold each one down for about 3-5 seconds.


Not feeling the color blocking? Try going free form!


I mean…. you cant go wrong with a festive headband.


P.S.- Grab all the ingredients for this DIY here

“I’ve always thought that accessories are the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” – Michael Kors


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