Crystal Cat Headband

October 22, 2013


Let’s add a little MEOW to the mix, shall we? P.S.-I made this… is purr-oud to be a part of the?Fresh Step Feline Arts Council.?This week’s project is inspired by?Lelet’s Kat Crystal headband?and the?Feline Arts?Council’s limited edition lace ears,?which benefit the?ASPCA.?Cuz let’s just be honest, the meow the merrier, make your?cat-fancy accessory stat!

To create: Use two pieces of?jewelry wire?to make your?cat ears. Wrap the wire ends around the?headband?to secure. Cover the wire in?E6000?then fold the?clear vinyl material?around each ear. With E6000 embellish using?Swarovski crystals?(pre-set) onto the vinyl. Use?tweezers?for smaller crystals. Adhere the?Swarovski cup chain?along the center of the headband between the ears. Trim off excess vinyl with?scissors. Model your new?feline-friendly accessory and you’ll be the cat’s meow.

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