Bright Eyes Backpack

August 27, 2015


Lay your DIY lovin’ eyes on this rad and expressive backpack. We collaborated with our friend and?fashion journalist?Jenny Brownlees?on this?Fendi Monster?inspired bag that proves emoji style is?still having a major moment. Whether you’re scheming up looks for back to school or just wanna?look mad cool, the added wink of marble fabric seals the deal on your new favorite fall accessory.

To create: Print our?bright eyes template?on?card stock paper?and cut out the individual patterns. Use a marker to trace the eye pattern onto?black faux-leather, the white pattern on?white fabric?and the iris pattern on?blue fabric. Use?embroidery scissors?to cut out the traced pieces. Layer and glue the eye parts with the black at the top followed by the iris and white. Glue the eyes near the top of the?backpack. Cut a piece of?marble fabric?that will cover the bottom of the bag and adhere with?fabric glue. Lastly, glue the?multi-color zipper?in the center. Let glue dry completely before wearing.

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