Beach Boho Headpiece

June 17, 2010


Summer Solstice is upon us and it’s time to get down with BBQ’s, Braids, and all things Beachy & Boho! I love to sport summer accessories that are easy, breezy, and will help crank up the temperature.? In keeping with my everyday modern and tres eclectic ways, I look to the Southern California vibes of the stylish Coachella festival,?ROXY?surfer chicks, tall teepees, and hints of Stevie Nicks. These sunny free spirits have a fashionable aura that I’m utterly in awe of and make me want to be part of their tribe!

To make your beachy boho headpiece, get some rawhide material, colorful beads, feathers, and neon tape.? Braid approx 1.5 yards together, leaving some strands at the end to add beads and feathers.? Secure feathers on with Duct or Gaffers tape.


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