January 21, 2019

TRIGGER WARNING: Sugar craving guaranteed in this edition of “COOL.CREATIVE.PPL.” featuring?Clo? Lane from Venice, CA ! If you don’t know, now you know…about Bon Puf! This gourmet cotton candy company is as fabulous to look at, as it is to eat!

Clo?’s childhood love of sweet treats (sound familiar?) led her to start building Bon Puf when she was just a senior in high school! In a world of specialty dessert shops, Clo? realized her beloved indulgence was no where to be found. Not only can you order her cotton candy online to enjoy at home, but Clo? will arrive at your doorstep, cart in tow, for whatever cotton candy needs you might have! Her bright colored candy caught our eye and we couldn’t wait to share!

BRB, off to purchase some Bon Puf cotton candy!

Order some for yourself and be sure to scroll through?Clo?’s Instagram for mouthwatering pics!

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