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Welcome To The Works
Stop in our showroom and see your vision come to life. We not only have everything you need to make your home more beautiful and functional, we'll work within your budget to give you a great product at a price you can afford. Get to know our experts and see the difference in our customer service. The Works is comprised of experts in all categories of home design.
hours of operation:
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Why You’ll Love Us?

You’ll love The Works because your home is our passion. No matter how big or how small – how elaborate or how economical, we’ll give you the best service, the right advice, and the exact products that fit your needs. We have products from Corian to exotic granites, and we want you to have the products that are right for you. Our showroom offers everything you need for your home. We have full displays of kitchens and baths, and we offer everything in one place. You may not want to make ten trips when renovating your home. The Works makes it easy for you. You work with experts in all types of home decor. We have on-staff interior designers, a faux painter, a plumber, an electrician, a lighting specialist, a stone specialist, a fireplace specialist, a drapery specialist and an artist. Our goal is to give you boutique service with the kind of wide selection you expect from a major retailer. We have it all in one place, and we want to help you create the home of your dreams. Come see our showroom and meet our experts.

High Design IQ

  1. You work with our experts in all categories of home decor.
  2. Each partner in The Works has decades of experience in their specialty.
  3. You have access to our showroom so you can visualize your project.
  4. You get individualized boutique service.
  5. You have access to products at all price points.
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